The Legend by DarleyGo

Official The Legend by DarleyGo Whitepaper, last updated August 2022. The team will keep updating the Whitepaper as the game features keep improving.
A game of wit, strategy, and mastery, The Legend by DarleyGo is a new game for all horseracing and card enthusiasts. Race, upgrade, and defeat other players in this Solana-based card game with DarleyGo NFT horses. Each card pack will introduce you to new gameplay inside the DarleyGo universe – from your own jockey, spells, and gears. Discover hidden lore, get additional, exclusive items, and become a champion.


The Legend’s mission is to provide DarleyGo enthusiasts with a new and exciting way to explore the DarleyGo universe. Aside from the traditional racing platform that DarleyGo has, the Legend will require players to strategically place their horses and cards to have a winning hand - enhancing the gameplay experience of every DarleyGoer.