Horse Attributes & Factors

Each of the horses is born with a set of unique attributes that players can discover and maximize with Training Mode over time:
Horses have different racing abilities, such as long, medium, or short distances.
Stable Spirit
This attribute affects the performance of the entire stable of the concerned horse, and the performance of each of the individual horse will affect the Stable Spirit. The Stable Spirit will be recharged after a set period of time. However, if the horse is leased to a player, the horse will only affect the player’s(Racer's) Stable Spirit and not that of its original owner.
Traction defines how well your horse can race on different track conditions. For example: soft, hard and normal.
Mutation Probability
Determines your horse’s probability for better offspring and breed.
A horse’s character will determine its temperament and could be short-tempered or patient. It is also related to the number of gates.
Running Style
Horses have different running styles that affect how they run in a race, like a Dash Runner, Balanced Runner, Lead Runner, or a Well-Rounded Runner.
BioClock (Age)
BioClock shows your horse's career stage according to its race count. Your horse's race performance may improve or not, depending on its character & running style (Career Peak Time). A Genesis Horse has an average racing phase of around 2100 races, while a non-Genesis Horse would have a shorter racing phase.
Stamina determines the number of races your horse can race per day (24 hours). Each horse will start with twelve (12) races per day and have a rolling recovery of 1 race every 2 hours.
Horses can be Colt, Filly, Stallion, or Mare (Horses' status will change to Stallion or Mare after their first breeding). -Colt (Virgin male) -Filly (Virgin female) -Stallion (Male) -Mare (Female)
Each horse is born with a set of performance stats, characters, and special badge(s) that helps to identify its specialties. There are four subgroups of Ability Badges:
Character affects the gate a horse prefers to start. “Steady” prefers Gates 1-4, “Aggressive” favors Gates 5-8, and a “Timid” horse may select Gates 9-12.
Style determines what section a horse tends to sprint (short speed burst) in a race. “Leading” bolts at the start, “Average” during the middle of the race, and “Dasher” at the end of the race.