Through our Training Mode, players can maximize & discover more about their horses' abilities and character. There are two kinds of Training Styles available for players:


In Trotting mode, players may use $GXE to upgrade Ability Booster Badges to give their horses a significant performance boost. These badges are basically the performance boosters of the natural abilities, players may opt to increase their horse’s natural abilities by leveling up these badges from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, to Master. With higher level of Ability Booster badges, the greater performance boost it will be.
Ability Booster Badge's tiers ranging from Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, to Master.
There are five levels to each badge:
  • Master +5 (15)
  • Platinum +4 (10)
  • Gold +3 (6)
  • Silver +2 (3)
  • Bronze + 1(1)
The number inside the parentheses indicates the points needed to level up to the next badge level. For example, it will require one point to qualify for the Bronze level. To level up to the Silver tier, you will need an additional two points (+2) for a total of 3 points, including the points from the previous level.
The cost structure as below
Darley Cost
Areo Cost
Hayato Cost
Basic -> Bronze
150 $GXE
100 $GXE
Bronze -> Silver
500 $GXE
300 $GXE
200 $GXE
Silver -> Gold
3370 $GXE + 200 $DGE
1750 $GXE + 200 $DGE
800 $GXE + 200 $DGE
Platinum requirement: Stallion breed count: 2 Mare breed count: 1
Gold -> Platinum
5800 $GXE + 200 $DGE
3100 $GXE + 200 $DGE
1900 $GXE + 200 $DGE
Master requirement:
Stallion breed count: 4 Mare breed count: 2
Platinum -> Master
7180 $GXE + 200 $DGE
4000 $GXE + 200 $DGE
2400 $GXE + 200 $DGE
For Platinum and Master badge, the horse will either need to be a Stallion or Mare (meaning, they will have to breed at least once). Each horse has a “cap” or maximum number of points that it can collect. The range is dependent on the horse’s bloodline and Mutation Probability.
  • Darley - 20-31 points
  • Areo - 19-31 points
  • Hayato 15-31 points
While the starting point may differ, any horse is capped at 31 points. So, for example, if a horse has a cap of 15 points, such as Hayato, they can only level up to a master badge (for a total of 15 points) or a mix of other lower-rank badges.
Additional Training Points:
As a horse gets stronger after each breeding session, players can also earn up to 15 additional training points aside from the natural 31-training points above via breeding.
The system works differently for mares and stallions as shown below in the chart. Regardless of whether the horse is a stallion or a mare, both only have a 15-point max limit they can garner through breeding sessions. These additional 15 points are on top of the 31-point cap discussed above.
Breed Count
Training Point
1/15 - 6/15
+2pt each


In the Galloping Style, players can spend $GXE with a training partner to increase their horse's Stamina. Higher Stamina allows players to have more energy for additional races. In this training mode, players will drill with training partners.
After each training, the horse's racing recovery time will be reduced by 0.5 hours. Note that each horse can only undergo the Galloping Style of training twice over its lifetime.
Training Partner - User can stake their inactive horses as a training partner for other players' needs in return for an additional $GXE rewards for their owners from the Galloping mode. The amount of $GXE rewards may vary depending on the demand for Galloping mode (For example, the $GXE rewards per training partner will increase as the demand for Galloping training increases).
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